Yes! Say it in plain English!

Guilt erodes that time and just makes a further mess of things. Hence, when it comes to white supremacy, white guilt tends to bolster racism.

Indeed, we're talking basic attempts to more fully understand the world as it is. My fear is that hat white supremacy is so crafty that's it's genuinely invisible to the masses, so dispelling this myth radically shocks one's core identity. I liken it to learning about a censored chapter to one's holy book.

On Sundays, the slaves played music, sang, and folks danced.

Ev’rybody could see their spirits were lifted.

Human spirits need to be lifted in order for folks to live.

HUMAN ENSLAVERS must constantly stamp out the spirits in order to maintain slavery.

All spirits.

The masters’ arsenal included weapons for…

MLK’s B’day ’21. Just over a week ago, I was writing — hopefully — about the peaceful transition of power. I was thinking to myself that even if Georgia’s run-off election didn’t release the American senate from the hooves and cleaves of the CONservative right, that somehow, the world would…

I spent my childhood looking at screens filled with diversity.

My favorites were starships,

Starships flying to far-off places in the galaxy, meeting far-off people of other worlds, so…

Live long, and prosper.

So, these so-called people weren’t even human.

And yet their lives mattered.

The mission of the starship was to explore, to…

I am here at the French Hospital in Hanoi getting a standard health checkup. Naturally, with all the standard tests I must take, the bulk of the other patients are all babies — of all age ranges -some yet born. Noticeably they are all women noticed if it weren’t for…

I watched Fox News today.

For 6 full minutes.

They had a panel of 3 cops to discuss the current unrest…or so it seemed.

Of course, a token negro in uniform was amongst them.

“Defund the police” is the headline of this comical sketch.

That’s not the actual proposition, but…

Surya Bonaly of France, receives instructions from her mother and coach Suzanne Bonaly, left, during a practice session
Surya Bonaly of France, right, receives instructions from her mother and coach Suzanne Bonaly, left, during a practice session in Sofia, Thursday, Jan. 25, 1996, prior to the ladies’ competition to start on Friday at the European Figure Skating Championships. (Thomas Kienzle/AP)

At the next World Championship, she’d had

She did not accept the silver medal, nor
did she stand on the second-place podium as the medallions were presented.

Bum-rushed by the press before even leaving
the ice,

She made sure they knew she had no ill will
against the other…

An Open Letter to the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, in my hometown…

My name is Diepiriye and I grew up in Louisville, but now live in New Delhi, India. Some say that I left Louisville as soon as I finished high school, and left America as soon as I graduated…

Dr. Diepiriye Kuku

Writer/Dancer/Educator/Peace Activist/Buddhist from Kentucky -Constructing global citizenry, based in Vietnam. The status quo has never been an option.

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